At Bella Luxe we try our best to offer some products from designers and companies that aim to reduce the environmental footprint of their products.

Some of our fashion apparel are made from Seawool or Recycled polyester and will be displayed in the item description of the applicable product.

What is Seawool:

Seawool is made out of recycled plastic bottles derived from the oceans, grinded into powder with the help of oyster shells sourced from the food industry.

Finally added natural upcycled cotton fibers for maximum softness. Seawool not only leaves a minimized carbon footprint further, it provides a wide range of performance and comfort benefits. Including a soft woolen touch, insulating warmth and wrinkle resistance.

Seawool dries quickly and has anti-static properties as well as stops odor in a natural way. Seawool garments therefore stays fresh for longer, preventing unnecessary washing, all improving the lifespan of each garment. Above you see one of our many Seawool knits, timeless and classic in its expression, making it last and transcend seasons. (1 kg of Seawool approximately reuses 60 plastic bottles)

What is Recycled polyester:

There are two types of recycled polyester: the one where customers deliver their clothes that are subsequently recycled, and then it is extracted from the residues that are left after clips from other productions.

Our vendor mainly uses recycled polyester that comes from the sports industry.

Technically, it is the case that the excess substance is melted and re-extracted into new fibers which can then be woven and become recycled polyester.

To be reused, it must be 100% polyester.